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Leadsleap Review And How to Make Money

Leadsleap Review. This is really a fantastic website for traffic exchange and advertising. It is free to join and operate, and training is provided at no cost. LeadsLeap also provides a fantastic set of marketing tools to assist you in growing your business online. It is highly recommended that you use this service to help you build your list and gain customers.

Leadsleap Review, What is Leadsleap?

LeadsLeap is a well-known website for traffic generation and list building. Most people consider it to be a PTC or traffic exchange site. But there’s more to it than that. LeadsLeap is also an advertising network that provides a variety of free tools to help you promote your offer or website.

Kenneth Koh of Singapore founded LeadsLeap in 2008. The site has grown exponentially and gained a large number of users over the years.


As I previously stated, the site is completely free to use (though they do offer a pro membership!). So, if you aren’t already a member, I strongly advise you to sign up for a free account.

Let’s take a closer look at what LeadsLeap can do for you!

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How to Make Money from LeadsLeap?

Earn Money by Surfing Ads
Surfing ads on LeadsLeap can earn you money. If you think this is similar to other ad exchange sites, you are partially correct.

Here’s why:
LeadsLeap is more than just a lead exchange; it’s also an advertising network. If your only goal is to make money, you can simply browse their ads and earn credit. You can redeem your credits for cash once you have enough on your account.

Leadsleap Review
Leadsleap Review, What is Leadsleap?

Unlike other PTC websites, you do not need to purchase ad packs, and there are no restrictions on how many ads you can see per day. You are free to view as many advertisements as you want.

If you want to promote your website or any offer, you can do so with the credit. If you want to promote anything on the LeadsLeap platform, you’ll need credit, and the only way to get credit is to view ads every day.

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If you don’t want to advertise your own products, keep watching as many ads as possible to accumulate credits for cash. This is what will earn for surfing ads:

  • You can watch as many ads as you want
  • If you watch fewer than ten ads per day, you can still use the credits for advertising or cash them out later when the payment threshold is reached. However, you will not be paid on that day.
  • You can also earn credits by rating the other ads/messages or by reporting all the broken ads.
  • Except for credit encashment, all your credits earned on a particular day will be used to calculate your daily earnings. LeadsLeap shares 5-10% of its daily earnings with its users. As a free member, you will earn 5%, and 10% if you are a Pro Member. So you can earn 0.01$ in a day for the minimum 5-second visit of 10 ads.
  • All unused credits will expire after 6 months. Make sure you encash all your credits as soon as you reach 50 if you don’t want to spend them for advertising purposes.

Earn from Your Referrals

LeadsLeap has an extremely effective referral system, and as a member, you can earn up to 50% recurring commission. You will earn 25% if you are a free member. As a pro member, you will receive a 50% discount.

You will also receive overriding credits from your referrals whenever they view an advertisement. The referral system has ten levels. This means that if you refer 20 people, you can earn a total of ten levels of overriding credits.

LeadsLeap has a downline builder system with ten levels. Level 1 is your direct personal referral. If your level 1 team refers others, they become your level 2, and so on.

Members at the Pro level will also have access to a spillover level. Each LeadsLeap member theoretically has ten uplines. However, not every member has ten referrals because some of their uplines may have canceled their accounts.

As a result, ‘vacant’ upline slots will exist. The system will automatically assign all of these slots to other Pro Members. This is referred to as the Spillover Level. Even if you cancel your pro subscription, your spillover referrals will remain yours in perpetuity.

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LeadsLeap also has a one-of-a-kind downline message system that allows you to create ad-like messages. This message will appear in the membership dashboard and emails of all your downlines or referrals.
This is yet another excellent method for promoting your products. When your referrals see these messages, they will receive extra credit.

Earn from LeadsLeap Widget on Your Website

If you have a website, you can earn extra money by including the LeadsLeap widget on it. To accomplish this, you must create an ad widget, obtain the code, and place it on your website. If you are unsure how to set this up, a step-by-step guide is also available.

Your widget earnings will be determined by the quantity and quality of traffic that clicks on and interacts with the ads. You will earn more money if more people click on the ads and watch them for a longer period of time.


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