Free Method to Monetize Adsterra ads

Free Method to Monetize Adsterra ads

Free Method to Monetize Adsterra ads How to Generate Revenue from Facebook Traffic Using a Direct Link What do publishers overlook when seeking higher ad revenues? While many of them solely seek to make money from website traffic, social traffic appears to have surpassed all others.

Free Method to Monetize Adsterra ads

Publishers who receive traffic from Facebook and other social networks have been sweeping the hills of profit for the past two years. It would be unfair to withhold their methods from you. You will discover today how to use Adsterra advertisements to monetize Facebook traffic. This method of raising revenues is actually instant because it is not organic traffic.

This guide will increase your capacity for earning money. It will guide you through each step of using Adsterra Direct Link to monetize Facebook-bought visitors. Now that you have a general strategy for streaming income, you can refer back to it and use these suggestions in any circumstance.

Free Method to Monetize Adsterra ads from Facebook

Even though the procedure we describe is very straightforward, we have placed this guide in the category of Advanced Skills because you will be dealing with paid traffic. You will recognize it if you have ever started and managed a Facebook campaign.


So what will you need to start earning on Facebook traffic? This guide will show you how to:

  1. get Adsterra Direct Link code;
  2. create an elementary landing page to drive Facebook traffic;
  3. set up and launch a Facebook campaign with beneficial targeting.

Quite an ambitious plan, don’t you think so? Soon, you’ll make sure that it’s more than feasible. You can register with Adsterra now and practice on the go. CLICK HERE


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