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How Technology Is Disrupting the Digital Marketing Industry

Technology. With the increasing use of innovative tools, many enterprises are getting influenced by technology. The digital marketing industry is not an exception. If you think about digital marketing, you may think it is a disruptive technology in itself. And it’s true; digital marketing came to revolutionize the marketing dynamic itself. 

Thirty years ago, the best way to advertise and do marketing promotion was through television, radio, or magazines, but today is pretty different. There are too many ways to promote a product or service, and that’s exactly what has changed the way we perceive digital marketing. Here we’ll show you some of the ways that are disrupting the digital marketing industry.

Ways Technology Is Disrupting the Digital Marketing Industry

Marketing Automation

Automation is one of the most crucial aspects of today’s digital marketing. Many tasks within the digital marketing dynamic are repetitive and redundant. Marketing automation streamlines and automates digital marketing tasks. Some of these tasks include scheduling posts, sending streamlined emails, and monitoring campaigns. 

Marketing automation has improved the productivity of digital marketers in a significant way. Thanks to these automation systems, digital marketers can spend more time on more relevant tasks, such as creating and evaluating strategies to improve future campaigns.


Social Media Marketing

The continuous use of social media has led many companies to invest their resources in social media management. This is not only about posting several posts a week, but it’s also about instant communication. Today, customers want answers right away, and if companies want to engage them, they have to create strategies to provide instant communication. 

That’s why many companies are now using artificial intelligence. AI-driven chatbots are there for customers 24/7. They don’t rest or ask for promotions. That’s why they’re so convenient. Although these systems are not perfect, they can still help customers solve most problems. If there’s something they cannot answer, chatbots will redirect the message to a human.

Mobile Marketing

There is a definite increase in the use of mobiles. We do almost everything through our phones, from banking transactions to online education and even shopping. Therefore, most companies now invest in mobile development to drive customer engagement.

Creating a mobile app helps companies improve their communication with their customers. This way, they have easy access to everything related to the business. They can do online shopping, browse to see the inventory, and even communicate with customer service, all from their mobile. 

Personalized Content

Most people believe that automation reduces personalization and that everything sounds robot-like. But this isn’t entirely true. Automation could mean more customized content. When digital marketers use machine learning in their favor, they’re able to run audience segmentation accurately. This way, each target person receives the correct information, which makes the campaign more efficient. 

Another example of this trend is when you’re browsing through your favorite store, and you start seeing items you’d most likely be interested in. This process is done by using machine learning and sentiment analysis. 

Video Marketing

The video marketing trend has become a powerful digital marketing trend. If you add video ads to your website or social media, you’ll start seeing traffic increase and conversions. This has especially become relevant in social media like Instagram and Facebook. According to Cisco, video marketing will dominate Internet traffic. Get Paid To Use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

This trend has drastically changed the digital marketing industry because marketers are allocating their resources toward video content.  Video marketing could become one of the best ways to generate profit because it is a powerful way to attract customers. 

The Internet of Things

The IoT trend has grown, and companies have found a way to leverage it. Almost everything is connected to the Internet, from your refrigerator to your coffee maker and even your smart speaker. This has led to a different digital marketing trend—IoT-oriented marketing.

If you sync up your website with platforms like Alexa, your company will be closer to your customers. This way, customers just have to ask their smart speaker questions about their favorite store, such as its location or prices. 

Artificial and Augmented Reality

If someone says VR and AR, you immediately think about video games and entertainment. But what if we tell you that these technologies are also being used in digital marketing? VR and AR are influential trends to generate profit, and digital marketers are taking advantage of them to engage customers. 

Companies have started to use AR to provide users with a unique buying experience. They’ll just have to use their mobiles to preview how their products would look like before buying them. That way, they make sure they’re buying the perfect fit. AR could be used in clothing stores and home decoration companies like IKEA, which, in fact, uses this technology right now. 

VR is also another way to generate brand engagement. Some of the companies that are using VR in their favor are related to the tourism industry. Travel agencies can show potential clients a small preview of how their experience could be. 

Machine Learning 

Machine learning is widely used in many industries because it increases productivity and accuracy in most tasks. By using machine learning companies can forecast situations and analyze current data more accurately. Digital marketers are no exception. They’re using this technology in their favor as well. 

In the digital marketing industry, marketers use machine learning to analyze data and evaluate the current market environment. This way, they can come up with better ideas and strategies that generate good outcomes. 


The way we perceive digital marketing is entirely different from what it used to be. We now have chatbots, smart speakers, and even virtual reality. We are now closer to companies, and communication with them is now almost immediate. Customers demand quick responses.  

The digital marketing industry has been highly influenced by technology, especially artificial intelligence, IoT, and machine learning. This industry has drastically changed these last couple of years and will continue to revolutionize in the future. 

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