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How Brands Hire Marketers [2022]: Marketing Industry Trends Survey

Marketing Industry Trends Survey. Those are the main problems that businesses face when it comes to recruiting the proper marketing skills, in-house vs. remote personnel, which channels are increasing, and much more.

In the last several years, the world of digital marketing has altered dramatically. The COVID-19 epidemic has disrupted whole sectors throughout the world, there has been an increase in remote work and individuals opting to freelance, and there is a significant supply shortage hurting eCommerce enterprises.

To find out what’s changed, we polled over 200+ businesses of all sizes and sectors (from pets to tech to wellness). We wanted to understand how the previous two years have influenced how these organizations recruit marketers, which marketing channels they favor, and what their biggest growth hurdles are. Mayple’s Marketing Industry Trends Survey for 2022 is now available.

Marketing Industry

Biggest marketing challenges in 2022

The very first question we asked organizations was about their primary issues and what types of marketing initiatives or activities they want to focus on in 2022, and their responses startled us. The top five most significant problems that brands face are as follows:

  1. Improving their website conversion rate
  2. Improving their return on ad spend
  3. Building a better brand strategy
  4. Expanding to new channels
  5. Increasing the rate of returning customers

13 percent of firms are most challenged by growing into new channels, 15 percent by optimizing their conversions, 15 percent by optimizing their ad marketing spending, and 12 percent by minimizing customer return rates.

These have always been difficult goals that have been at the center of any company’s strategy. The third one, developing a brand strategy, astonished us.

We’ve seen a lot of DTC unicorns established on the foundation of a great brand narrative and creative copywriting, and it’s now even more important, with 13 percent of the firms we questioned emphasizing the development of a solid brand strategy.

Most popular marketing channels in 2022

In 2022, the main marketing channels will be Facebook advertisements (18%), conversion rate optimization (16%), and email marketing (15 percent ). Partnerships, referrals, and influencer marketing follow closely behind at 9%.

Even with the iOs 14.5 modifications, Facebook advertising remains the most popular marketing channel. As a result, businesses are devising workarounds such as tracking offline transactions and using mixed attribution models.

Email marketing is becoming more important to businesses as algorithms on social media platforms and search engines evolve. The email list of a brand is the finest source of first-party data and the only location where they can contact their whole audience.

LinkedIn and YouTube are the best venues to obtain fresh marketing ideas.

LinkedIn and YouTube are the most preferred sites for business executives to learn more. LinkedIn is used by 17% of businesses as their major source of new ideas, while YouTube is used by 15%.

Newsletters are gaining popularity & are read by 10% of marketing leaders

Email newsletters are quickly gaining popularity. 10% of the companies we surveyed said that newsletters are where they go to get the latest marketing knowledge and learn about the latest marketing trends.

No one reads books anymore, not even audiobooks. The new trend is podcasts, with over 12% of business leaders saying they listen to podcasts as their primary way to expand their knowledge.

Is it due to a shorter attention span? More multi-tasking? Or because podcast content is simply better and more relevant? It’s probably a combination of both.

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